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Penis Extenders: The Limelight on Facts

How confused can you get in the market? When you are presented with more than a dozen of products claiming to be the best and about a hundred of ads, infomercials and pamphlets about each and every product you see, what happens next?

Most, if not all, are blinded with the flashy and vibrant ads on penis extenders. That’s probably the whole point of advertising – feed on the impulse of consumers to buy.

If you are relatively new to the whole concept of penile enlargement, getting into the market and diving head on might be a hitch you’ll have to frustratingly bear with in the course of the purchase.

So what’s the point? If you are that interested to get a penis extender for yourself, you need to realize and be knowledgeable of the process itself. Only then can you find a satisfactory, if the not the perfect, partner in male enhancement.

The Truths about IT

Penis extenders are…

… made of certified and quality-assured materials. Do not settle for anything substandard. The most common problem in men is that they want to enhance their cock at the cheapest possible price. So they end up purchasing cheap and low-quality extenders.

You should know that even if penis extenders are over-the-counter, they must be made with certain meticulousness. They are sterile and are composed of screws and metals molded to fit an entire penis without causing undue harm.

… considered a natural method of male enhancement. Why natural? Use of penis extenders is pretty much like doing a regular physical therapy over the penis. The only difference is that you will have to wear a garment to do the stretching for you.

… medically accepted. Because of the characteristic of it being all natural, some medical doctors and professionals advise the use of these products rather than undergo a surgical operation. They offer no adverse reactions and have proven to be efficient if used properly.

penis extender… your painless remedies to stout and short penises. Extenders were designed to stretch the tissue within the penis without undue discomfort. Additionally, unlike surgery, you wouldn’t have to go through stitches and incisions.

… capable of correcting penis curvature and erection. Extenders, amazingly, are able to correct the stand of your penis. This curvature, if left unmanaged, can lead to erection problems and dissatisfaction in the bed.

… depictions of culture. Penis enhancement is an ancient practice. Penile extension, itself, is an ancient practice dating back to the ancient African culture. The need to increase manhood size by ancient individuals roots to the belief of better fertility rates and sexual gratification.

… using stretching processes to enhance the length of your manhood. What happens is that the extenders stretch and break down the tissues within the penis. Overtime the spaces in between the stretched muscles are knitted leading to permanent results of male enhancement

… esteem boosters. Men, knowing theirs is sizeable, feel way better and more proud.

Feed on facts. Forget myths.

The Most Common FAQS on Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are the latest fads in the market. Why? For some reasons that few barely understood, male enhancement is gaining worldwide popularity.

According to many psychologists and health experts, men look at sexual gratification as a result of manhood improvement, be it in girth, length, size or ejaculatory capacity.

Among the most famous male enhancement technique is penile extension. This type of strategy mainly revolves on lengthening of manhood.

Though many are quite interested in this methodology, few gets a good grasp of what exactly penis extenders are and what accompanies the strategy beyond the benefits they claim.

Here’s a list of the most common FAQS – answered for you.

  • Is penis extension a legitimate method?

penis extensionYes. Penis extension is a legal concept. The methods it covers, though, aren’t well regulated. Surgery is performed by skilled professionals and is under the regulation of the medical practice.

Other methods, however, such as use of pumps, physical therapies and supplements isn’t well regulated in the market and can be purchased without prior consultation with a doctor. Nevertheless, they are marketed and sold both offline and online.

  • Is it efficient?

For some reasons, yes. Though it might not be true to all (as individuals are peculiar and responds to treatments at various levels), penis extenders have been sought worldwide.

As a matter of fact, the current hype of male enhancement in the market is only adding flames to the heat of penis extension.

  • If you buy a penis extender, how long should you wear it? When will you see results?

Usage of penile extenders depends on the manufacturers. Generally, you will have to wear the extender for about 4-6 hours in 6 months on a daily basis.

At times, you are also given the option to wear the extender with no specific time frame or days as long as you complete the required number of hours in a given month period.

As for results, some extenders deliver results in weeks while some after a few months or so. Then again, it would depend on the use of the product.

  • Are penis extenders convenient and comfortable?

It’s safe to say that the first few tries would be the adjustment period. After all, you’ll be wearing something other than your boxers and trousers.

Then again, once fully adjusted, you’ll get used to it. What’s convenient with extenders is that you can wear them under your trousers at home, when you sleep and even at work. Just take note of your activity level.

Extenders aren’t advised for usage when you are doing physical activities or you are on jobs that would require exertion of effort.

  • Is it true that extenders give you weaker erections?

That’s a myth. As a matter of fact, extenders can increase erections. This is mainly attributed to the increase in blood flow towards the penile shaft.

  • Will it work on you?

That’s for you to find out. Even if manufacturers say yes, the best judge of the product would still be you.