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Men and Weight Loss

Men are as vain as women. Though it is infrequent that men admit the fact that they are conscious of how they look, it isn’t hearsay.

Indeed, the top trends in the fashion industry and the perfection of how male models look on TV screens have put many male consumers at the edge of their seats.

triathlonsThe reason why gyms, triathlons and numerous marathons are gaining popularity among young men these days is this. Weight loss matters. And it isn’t just for cosmetics’ sake.

Though many find themselves entangled with weight loss programs to satisfy the need to look good, many are looking into these strategies to remedy and keep health matters at bay.

When you have extra inches around your belly, summer fun isn’t just the plain concern. At some point, it becomes an issue of health and lifestyle.

But why should belly fat and weight loss matter in the first place?

Primarily, weight loss is born out of aesthetics– the need to look good. Then again, hoarding extra fat stocks around your tummy predisposes you to specific diseases and disorders which might jeopardize you in the end.

Among these are:

  • Heart Diseases – atherosclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes Mellitus II
  • Hypertension
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Metabolic Disorders

A waist size of more than 40 inches is already a risk factor for heart diseases. As the numbers go large in value, so does the risk.

Men: Age, Weight Gain and Weight Loss

As you age, the muscles of the body tend to lose its elasticity. As the muscles decrease in functionality, burning of calories slow down, best stretch mark cream. This, in turn, helps you stock unwanted body fats. If you eat more than what you can waste, you are bound to keep the fat stocks.

Weight loss isn’t an easy task especially when you’re aging and not used to physical activities. Can you imagine yourself lifting weight 3 hours a day for 5 times a week when you haven’t lifted a single bucket before?

Or running miles when you are experiencing osteoarthritis? It takes more than the aspiration to slim down to actually lose weight. At some point, it has to become a need, a habit and a part of your life.

There is no specific age group on which you can say that weight loss is most effective. Anyone at any age can start with any weight loss program of their choice. As long as it does not compromise health itself, it can be done.

Blaming Genetics

You might say, “My mom’s large and my dad’s XL. So, I guess that makes me XXL.” Putting blame on heredity can get rid of the ‘oversize’ guilt for about 50%. However, there’s more to obesity than genes.

As a matter of fact, studies showed that men are most likely to gain weight because of lifestyle patterns than inherited traits.

It’s about time to embrace the change. A slimmer and thinner body for a fitter you. It’s never too late. Start weight management now.

A Guide to Successful Weight Loss in Men

Losing weight is a general concern. Men and women of differing age and race find themselves wondering how to get the perfect body for the summer heat. Aren’t you a part of this population?

Though women are more candid about weight loss and weight gain issues, men are equally concerned. That’s why you are reading this article in the first place, isn’t it right?

Weight loss isn’t a one-stop fix. It isn’t magic in a bottle or a genie in a lamp. For you to successfully get rid of the extra inches and fat stores, you will need to work on it, sweat out and spend not only effort but also time.

The brighter side of the picture is that you get to start weight loss at home. You don’t entirely need a specific weight loss program. To some it’s a call of the right cards.

Here are some simple tips which might want to bear in mind when you are considering slimming down.

  1. Limit TV. And it’s not just being a couch potato. According to a study conducted by the scientists at Bookhaven National Laboratory in NY, the sight of food triggers a ‘feed me’ bodily response. Brain activity in the orbitofrontal cortex of the brain is stimulated by seeing food, causing the activity a 24% increase. This area of the brain is highly associated with drive and acquisition. In simpler terms, when you see chocolates 5 times per commercial break on a repetitive basis; it gives you the sudden urge to buy and eat some. Want to test your limits?
  2. Tastebuds and Eating. Have you ever wondered how ice cream feels so satisfying when you’re hungry? And incidentally, it isn’t enough – just yet. According to a researcher from the University of Malawi, when you are hungry your tastebuds tend to exaggerate a bit with an inclination to both salty and sweet foods. That is why when you are hungry, all things salty and sweet tastes like heaven on earth. How to do away with it? Keep hunger at bay by eating regular meals. Missing meals is a no-no.
  3. WeighingWeighing. Nope, it’s not being meticulous or being overreacting. Weighing frequently keeps you in your weight management bounds. It helps you identify your limits when it comes to diet, for example. According to studies conducted on 3500 individuals from the National Weight Control Registry, clients who were able to maintain a 60lb-or-more-weight loss are those who weigh themselves on a regular basis. And as it becomes a habit, weight management becomes an easier task to control.
  4. Carpe Diem! Seize the day! When you are out for a long summer break or a winter vacation, why not grab your bags and go outdoors? Do fun outdoor activities. Enroll yourself in camps. Go bungee jumping, long boarding, skiing and the like. Dieting in May is best. This is the time when food cravings go down. This is the perfect time to start working on it – physically!